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What’s Our Daily Planet?

Our Daily Planet is the leading independent environmental news platform covering the climate crisis, conservation, and beyond.

Our Story

ODP was founded because we saw a need for an environmental news source that was easy to consume but also broke down complicated topics, gave context, and explained how climate change is connected to social justice, national security, public health, the economy, etc. We give you the information you need to stay informed on the issues as well as the ways in which you can make a difference.

We hope ODP starts conversations on climate and conservation, inspires action, and connects everyone to how we can contribute to the wellbeing of the planet in big and small ways. This is the email we’ve always wanted to receive in our inbox. And although we’re two women from two very different backgrounds and generations, we had a clear vision: making environmental news more accessible is the key to making real change and building an engaged electorate.

Our Team

Social Media Manager/Media Producer

Zoe Hawryluk

Hi there, Zoe here. I’m a social media marketing specialist and digital storyteller based in Washington, DC. I have a background in corporate, nonprofit, and agency PR with a special interest in tech, social justice, and beauty and lifestyle. When I’m not crafting an elaborate social strategy or drafting a Tweet, I love filming makeup videos, listening to podcasts, and watching Love Island with my cat.

Graphics Illustrator

Annabel Driussi

Hi! I’m Annabel, and I’m a graphics illustrator, science illustrator, and comic artist based in Colorado Springs. My background is in studio printmaking, and I hope to attend grad school for comic art next year. As part of the team at ODP, I help people understand the impacts of climate change by making simple, accessible graphics. Catch me rollerskating in my free time – if you can!

Staff Writer

Ashira Morris

Hi! I’m Ashira, and I’m a freelance reporter passionate about local environments based between Sofia, Bulgaria, and Tallahassee, Florida. I’m especially interested in environmental justice, food systems, and the solutions side of the climate crisis. I don’t have any pets, but I do have a beautiful satsuma tree who’s my pride and joy.

Staff Writer

Natasha Lasky

I’m Natasha, and I’m a writer and filmmaker based in Boston. I write primarily about technology, media, gender, and culture— from early Hollywood to contemporary Silicon Valley, with a special interest in climate advocacy and conservation.

Political Cartoonist

Alexandra Bowman

I am Our Daily Planet’s Political Cartoonist. I work with Monica and Miro to illustrate pressing issues in cartoon form–in order to make environmental politics accessible to a wide audience through satire. I also create political cartoons for The Lincoln Project, and host The Hilltop Show, the political comedy webseries and talk show based at Georgetown University.

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