Past Issues

07.13.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Trump”s Anti-Environment Scorecard:  76 Rollbacks = 80,000 Additional Deaths per Decade, Climate Change a Serious National Security Threat, Interview of the Week:  Steph Speirs, CEO and Founder, Solstice, Inc., A Plastic Kitchen Makeover, Hero of the Week: 12-Year-Old Anna Du, One Cool Thing: Sustainable Cocktails

07.12.2018 : Our Daily Planet: President Pardons Ranchers That Fueled Bundy Protest, Whiskey Saving Washington’s Native Oaks, Big Oil’s “Astroturf” Campaign, Membrane Technology Creates Clean Water from Cow Manure, State of the World’s Fisheries — Wasted;  U.S. Law — May Be Weakened, One Scary Thing: “Radioactive” Wolf from Chernobyl on the Loose

07.11.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Judge Kavanaugh’s Dismal Record In Environmental Cases, Nighttime Lows Reach New Highs, Trump’s Push for Coal Costs Lives, Seeing Sea Level Rise — Day 2, Mountain Gorillas Making a Comeback, One Cool Thing: Plastic-Free Packaging Made from Kombucha

07.10.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Oops They Did It Again – Nissan Admits Emissions Tampering, U.S. Water Company Helps to Save Trapped Thai Soccer Team, Kilauea Eruptions, Two Months In, Solar Energy Powered by Bacteria, Judge Brett Kavanaugh Is Trump’s Pick To Replace Justice Kennedy, Starbucks Vows to Eliminate All Plastic Straws by 2020, One Cool Thing:  Seeing SeaLevel Rise

07.09.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Tropical Storm Beryl Dissipates But Governments Still Prepare, EPA Suppresses Formaldehyde’s Link to Cancer, In LA the Heat is On, Another Protégé of Senator Inhofe to Lead EPA, Terrorist Group al-Shabaab Bans Plastic Bags, One Funny Thing: Scott Pruitt’s Disastrous EPA Tenure in Cartoons

07.06.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Celebrating Sea Turtles

07.05.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Our Favorite Environmental Books

07.04.2018 : Happy 4th of July! Read Team ODP’s favorite outdoor spots to explore in America!

07.03.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Summer Sizzle, Red State Goes Green, Japan Seeks to Resume Commercial Whale Hunts, Humans Disrupting Animals’ Sleep Cycles, Space Law Snafu, One Cool Thing:  Greener Fireworks

07.02.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Is A Blow For Conservation, 40 Football Fields a Minute Chopped in 2017, It’s the “Aridification” of the West, World’s First Offshore Wind Battery Installed in Scotland, Pass the Oat Milk, Please, One Cool Thing: New York Aquarium Goes to the Sharks