Past Issues

11.13.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Nov 14th 2018

11.08.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Bill Gates Has Potty Breakthrough, Georgia Land Conservation Amendment Passed in Landslide, Science Makes A Comeback in the House, W20, Virginia’s Uranium Problem and “Single-Use” is the word of the year!

10.24.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Midterms 2018 North Carolina Watch

10.23.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Midterm Election Arizona Watch

10.22.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Midterm Election Michigan Watch

10.19.2018 : Our Daily Planet: The Future of the Amazon Is Up For Grabs In Brazilian Election, Exclusive Interview of the Week: Secretary of Commerce for the State of Rhode Island, Stefan Pryor, They’re Back! Big Bluefin Tuna Return to California Waters, Hero of the Week:  The Late Paul Allen, Finding a Solution for All Those Amazon Boxes, Four Good Things:  Easy Actions YOUCan Take To Fight Climate Change

10.18.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Indian Government Stamping Out Stubble Burning, Fracking’s Water Intensity Problem, Trump Shows His “Natural Instinct” For Something — But It’s Not Science, The High Cost of Preserving Eroding Beaches, Another Reason To Pass Up The Salt, One Cool Thing: BBQ Rivals Band Together to Feed Michael Survivors

10.17.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Searching For Survivors After Michael, Climate Change May Claim Joshua Tree’s Joshua Trees, Trump’s Coal Bailout Looks Like Its Going Up In Smoke, Youth Climate Lawsuit Set To Go To Trial In Two Weeks, Energizing Environmental Voters, One Kitty Thing

10.16.2018 : Our Daily Planet: Pakistan’s New PM Promises “Ten Billion Tree Tsunami”, Conservation Techniques Prove Profitable for Farmers, Orange County Going Blue to Go Green, Green Energy Investments Growing, Iowa Forges Ahead on Wind and Solar Energy, One Less Coal Thing

: Cable News Talks Climate Change, Green Ballot Initiatives To Watch, Save Our Seas Act Signed Into Law, Oysters Are Saving New York Harbor, One Cool Thing: Mapping America