Amazon Employees Join Global Climate Strike

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Image: Reuters

You may have seen that young climate activists are planning a massive climate strike next week in the lead up to the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit on Monday, September 23rd. As The Daily Kos explained “[Greta] Thunberg and the movement she started organized a global climate strike March 15. Some 1.4 million people in 2,200 cities in 128 countries worldwide joined the effort that day. Now, with even more groups taking part, organizers expect even bigger crowds for another global climate strike on Sept. 20.” And now, Amazon’s employees can be added to the list of strikers. Wired reported thatover 900 Amazon employees have signed an internal petition pledging to walk out over their employer’s lack of action on climate change.

Adults Join the Kids: The youth climate strike has asked adults to join in and Amazon employees listened. They wrote in a Medium postAs employees at one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, our role in facing the climate crisis is to ensure our company is leading on climate, not following. We have to take responsibility for the impact that our business has on the planet and on people.”

Why This Matters: Amazon’s employees called out their CEO Jeff Bezos for talking the climate talk in saying that “It’s hard to find an issue that is more important than climate change. The science is super compelling on this: there’s no doubt about it” but not walking the climate walk. As The New Republic pointed out, no one knows much about Amazon’s emissions because Bezos has ignored requests from the nonprofit Carbon Disclosure Project, which collects the carbon footprint data of large corporations. Additionally, Amazon’s servers use exorbitant amounts of energy for computing power and also to keep themselves cool, Greenpeace has explained that most of this energy is derived from coal. This all comes as Jeff Bezos plans to invest $1 trillion into a space program to help humans escape Earth once we make it uninhabitable….wouldn’t that money be better spent on climate mitigation? Amazon’s employees likely agree!

Want to get involved in the climate strike? Sign up below: 

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