Attention: Your Wine May Be at Risk!

A new study in the science journal PNAS has revealed that the world’s wine-growing regions could shrink dramatically as a result of climate change. As USA Today explained, this is because wine grapes are extremely sensitive to the changes in temperature and season that come with climate change.

  • In fact, if the global temperature rises by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit by 2100, the regions of the world that are suitable for growing wine grapes could shrink by as much as 56% , according to the study.
  • And with 7.2 degrees of warming, 85% of those lands would no longer be able to produce good wines.

Where and How: The World’s biggest wine-growing regions are mostly found in Europe, the Western United States and Argentina and Chile–all places that are facing increasing drought and more extreme weather that makes winemaking increasingly unpredictable. However, the study did say that cooler wine-growing regions in countries like Germany, New Zealand and the U.S. Pacific Northwest could be relatively unscathed.

Why This Matters: Firstly, many of us like wine and a future without it will undoubtedly make parenting/adulting/family gatherings far more stressful. Secondly, the global wine industry is a behemoth that employs millions of people. It’s for this reason that the wine industry should become an ardent supporter of climate action–something that we at ODP called on Napa Valley to do.

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