Biden Looks to Paris as Trump Tantrum Continues

Cartoon by Alex Bowman

by Miro Korenha, co-founder and publisher of Our Daily Planet

After the United States formally withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement, the Joe Biden transition team has repeatedly signaled that rejoining the international agreement will be a Day 1 priority. Biden’s all-of-government approach to climate action will help orient the power of the federal government through procurement and investment to reduce emissions and achieve net-zero goals.

And while we do not yet know who will be named the Secretary of Energy, the media has reported that Biden’s pick for Treasury Secretary is imminent. This matters because this cabinet member can begin to orient America’s financial systems to adequately disclose and assess climate risks. It will give us a chance to catch up to other nations with more stringent financial regulations and is one more way that the United States can get back on the path to meeting the goals laid out by the Paris Climate Agreement.

Meanwhile, President Trump has had no public events and the only statements he’s issued on Twitter have been baseless claims about voter fraud. We just saw the 30th named storm in what has been the most active Atlantic hurricane season on record and the president has dug his heels in and refuses to lead in the remaining time he has in the White House.

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