Biden Needs To Go On Green Energy Offensive At Final Debate

Later this evening President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden will convene for the final presidential debate before the general election on November 3rd. While the first debate had an unexpected question on climate change from moderator Chris Wallace, tonight’s moderator NBC News’ Kristen Welker pre-selected climate change as a debate topic outright.

And as we wrote of the first debate, it is overwhelmingly apparent that climate change and green jobs are a weak spot for Trump. The President will attempt to fixate on Biden’s stance on fracking (which he’s repeatedly lied about) but Biden must remain steadfast in reiterating that the path to a clean energy economy is the best chance the United States has to create union jobs. 

Why This Matters: Being truly “pro-life” entails caring for life on this planet–which would suffer an irreversible blow under a second Trump term. Furthermore as pollution has increased under the Trump administration, our children have paid the price with their health. Trump’s environmental record on the environment is abysmal, pointing to it and the damage he’s caused is an easy (and important shot) for Biden to make.

What’s more is that voters prefer Biden on almost every issue, but especially so on his plan to invest in renewables.

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