Brad Paisley’s Shark Country Rocks The Deep Blue

While those of us in the conservation community believe every week should be shark week, this one in particular marks the Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week.

Each year brings jaw-some programming that allows audiences to learn more about these incredible animals that play a pivotal role in keeping our oceans healthy, often with celebrities partaking in the fun (who remembers Shaq Does Shark Week?). This year, country music star Brad Paisley along with comedian J.B. Smoove took a dive with some oceanic whitetips in the Bahamas to test how sharks respond to various sounds (including Brad’s hits). If you haven’t watched Brad Paisley’s Shark Country, it’s not too late!

Our Daily Planet got to ask Brad about his experience diving with the sharks and he had the following to say:

ODP: What’s the coolest thing you learned about sharks filming during your experience filming for Shark Week?

BP: I had never seen a shark in the wild, in all my years of snorkeling and diving, and would have panicked before this. I realized first of all that they are not at all looking to eat a human. Attacks are typically a mistake they make. They also seem smarter than I thought. 

ODP: Would you rather swap vacation outfits with J.B. Smoove for the rest of your life or end every one of your shows with Baby Shark?

BP: Closing with Baby Shark. No brainer. I can’t pull that outfit off.

So there you have it, now go watch Shark Week and remember that sharks desperately need our help! From curbing shark finning, to addressing ocean plastic pollution and climate change, there’s a lot you can do to make sure our leaders are protecting sharks.

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