Ocean Plastic Cleanup Device Up and Running After Previous Setbacks

Ocean Plastic Cleanup Device Up and Running After Previous Setbacks

Twenty-five-year-old entrepreneur Boyan Slat’s ocean clean up device is finally collecting trash after breaking apart late last year.

The Takeaway: This technology likely won’t solve the ocean plastic pollution crisis but the world is finally beginning to think through how we tackle our plastic addiction and that’s a good thing.

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Watch This: Billie Eilish’s Green Cred

Watch This: Billie Eilish’s Green Cred

Teen pop sensation Billie Eilish (who just performed upside down on the season premiere of SNL, ICYMI) recently announced her world tour and on the Jimmy Fallon Show and explained that the tour would make sustainability a central component. Eilish elaborated that fans are encouraged to bring their own water bottles, no plastic straws will […]

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Corporations Make Climate and Sustainability Commitments at UN

Corporations Make Climate and Sustainability Commitments at UN

The UN General Assembly’s #ClimateWeek may have been dedicated to governments making new commitments to meeting the Paris Accord, but many corporations also announced actions they will take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve their sustainability.  According to The Climate Group, an NGO that works with businesses and governments to shift their climate policies,  […]

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What To Do With Wind Turbine Scraps

While some wind turbine parts can be repurposed to be used elsewhere, as NPR reported, researchers estimate the U.S. will have more than 720,000 tons of blade material to dispose of over the next 20 years. As Living Circular explained, the rotor blades, in particular, are a problem although they are only 2% to 3% […]

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Our Mountain of a Plastic Problem

You might have heard the phrases, “we’re drowning in plastic” or “all the plastic we’ve ever made is still with us” and while this may get at the urgency of the plastic pollution crisis, it’s still difficult to visualize what this means. Sure, we’ve seen images of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch but what to […]

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NatGeo Helps ‘Activate’ Viewers

Last Week the six-part series Activate premiered on the National Geographic Channel as a partnership between consumer product giant P&G, Radical Media, Global Citizen, and National Geographic. As Fast & Co. explained, the series “features celebrities such as music producer Pharrell Williams, rapper Common, and actors Darren Criss and Uzo Aduba, and highlights the work […]

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