Coronavirus: Cases Fall in NY But Worst Is Still Ahead

As Forbes reported, the death rates in Italy, Spain and France—the countries with the highest coronavirus death tolls globally—have slowed in the last couple of days, showing that countries’ national lockdown policies may be working to curb the rate of devastation. In New York state (the center of the nation’s outbreak), deaths rates dropped for the first time–though it’s too soon to tell if the outbreak has reached its peak there.

Additionally, yesterday Queen Elizabeth II addressed the British people and urged them to display resolve, even as Prime Minister Boris Johnson enters the hospital for coronavirus. The Queen’s address was the message many wished President Trump would deliver.

Why This Matters: Strong, competent leaders can make all the difference in flattening the curve of the coronavirus infection. Tone, tenor, and competency compel people to heed the directives of their leaders. Meanwhile inconsistent and false messaging spreads confusion and ensures that there will be groups of people who don’t listen to directives.

5,6,7,8!: Jane Fonda has resurrected her iconic aerobics workout routines. Using TikTok Fonda explained that she’ll “go for the burn”—for the worthy cause of fighting climate change.

Ignoring Experts: As the New York Times wrote yesterday, “President Trump doubled down Sunday on his push for the use of an anti-malarial drug against the coronavirus, issuing medical advice that goes well beyond scant evidence of the drug’s effectiveness as well as the advice of doctors and public health experts.”

The Week Ahead: President Trump stated that parts of the country are nearing a peak in cases of the novel coronavirus. However, the U.S. Surgeon General warned that the coming week could be a national catastrophe comparable to Pearl Harbor or the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Animal Kingdom: A tiger at the Bronx zoo tested positive for the novel coronavirus. The infection shows that we still don’t fully understand how the virus spreads among animals.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: President George W. Bush read a book about the 1918 Flu in 2005 and worked to create the nation’s most comprehensive pandemic plan. But, as ABC News explained, large swaths of the ambitious plan were either not fully realized or entirely shelved as other priorities and crises took hold.

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