Coronavirus: Governors, Mayors, Step Up to Prepare for Coronavirus

We wrote yesterday that President Trump’s lack of federal guidance on the coronavirus has created a patchwork of enforcement measures across the country. In fact, during his press conference yesterday Trump still wouldn’t say if he would make shelter in place a mandatory nationwide policy but did tell Americans to avoid gathering in crowds of 10 or more. The President tried to reassure Americans by saying, “Relax, we’re doing great, it all will pass” but few felt comforted and markets continued to a record tumble.

Amid the lack of federal direction, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, and Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont announced a regional approach to combatting COVID-19. Under the tri-state accord:

  • Crowd capacity for recreational and social gatherings will be limited to 50 people
  • Restaurants and bars will close for on-premise service and move to take-out and delivery only
  • Movie theaters, gyms and casinos will temporarily close

In addition, Gov. Cuomo had a far-reaching statewide plan to prepare the healthcare industry in his state for a flood of new patients.

And as the LA Times reported, seven counties in the greater San Francisco Bay Area issued sweeping orders on Monday that will force most businesses to close and residents to “shelter-in-place” inside their homes — the nation’s most stringent public health measures yet as state and local governments strain to rein in the coronavirus.

Around the World: 

  • Canada will deny entry to anyone who isn’t a citizen or permanent resident.
  • France has banned all family and social gatherings and closed its borders.

Good Citizenship: Today the parent company of Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Dior announced that all the perfume and cosmetics production facilities for fashion conglomerate LVMH will begin making hand sanitizer instead of luxury fragrances.

Worth Watching: Quarantined Italians on what they would say to themselves 10 days ago about the current epidemic and the need to prepare,

Why This Matters: Cities and states are finally starting to take action where Trump has refused to do so. The President said that the U.S. may be able to get the new coronavirus outbreak under control by July or August at the earliest but that’s going to take some serious policy interventions as well as well-coordinated government assistance programs. This matters immensely for human health but even for other government agencies like the National Park Service where there hasn’t been ample guidance on whether to unilaterally close all National Parks–some have closed while others still remain open.

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