Coronavirus Infection Rates Rise in 22 States

Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen cities across the country begin phases of reopening, then just as quickly many pulled back on account of spiking rates of coronavirus infection. Cases have especially risen across the Sun Belt at unprecedented levels, in part because hot weather has forced people together in air-conditioned settings like shopping malls and restaurants.

And many state health officials partly attribute the increase to gatherings over the Memorial Day holiday weekend in late May. As AP reported, nationally, there were over 25,000 new cases reported this past Saturday, the highest tally for a Saturday since May 2. This is due to more testing being available but waves of public protesting, as well as people gathering in newly-open public spaces, has caused the daily number of new coronavirus cases to climb in 22 states.

Why This Matters: New evidence shows that 1 in 5 people around the world are at risk of severe COVID-19. Despite people eager to return to their normal lives, most health experts don’t think we’ll see any semblance of normalcy until 20201. As reopening happens around the nation, people are not always following safety guidelines which is causing rates of infection to spike as healthcare workers scramble to keep up.

So please, if you do go out in public wear a mask (they’re critical in slowing the spread) and keep your distance from people. We still don’t know so much about this virus and we’re nowhere near being in the clear. 

Cities Struggle With Enforcement: The National Association of County and City Health Officials and the Big Cities Health Coalition said that,

Public health departments are facing lawsuits over their authority to close businesses, schools, and places of worship in order to protect the community at large — the very action that is credited with saving hundreds of thousands of American lives from this virus.”

Even in a state like California which took initial public health and safety guidelines very seriously, the governor has begun a path to reopening after facing immense pressure.

For Texas which has been more relaxed with shutdown protocols, it set a new record for COVID-19 hospitalizations in four of the last five days as its hospitals are struggling to accommodate the spike.

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