Coronavirus: Nature Flourishes as Humans Stay Inside

As people around the world are staying indoors, factories are shuttering and cars are off the road, it’s become evident that the biggest winner of the coronavirus pandemic is our planet. Los Angeles’ air quality is in the green, and in fact, air pollution and CO2 emissions are falling around the world. Venice’s canals are so clear that you can spot fish–a dolphin was even spotted for the first time in 60 years! And monkeys and deer are beginning to reclaim the areas in Asia where they once roamed freely.

In addition, people are also starting to think about food waste and how to do more with less. Though this is all happening amidst the backdrop of an unnerving global pandemic, it’s proof that changes in our actions and consumption can have an enormous benefit for our planet. 

Why This Matters: As we work to respond to the coronavirus crisis and as governments work on stimulus packages we must seize on the opportunity to ensure that we don’t just return to normal: we should build something better. Let’s use stimulus dollars that create jobs to preserve nature and lead us to a future where clean air isn’t a luxury we experience only during a mass quarantine. We’re at an impasse–in the United States at least–where we can orient our spending for a more just society and we should hold our leaders accountable to putting us on the right path.

Latest From The Hill: Yesterday Senate Republicans introduced a trillion-dollar coronavirus package, while Senate Democrats are still working on their own proposal. A companion package is being drafted in the House.

Go Deeper: Want To Jump-Start The Economy? Include A Green New Deal In The Stimulus Package.

Go Even Deeper: Yours truly, (Miro) is quoted in this in-depth article that spotlights the parallels between our collective efforts to combat coronavirus and the climate crisis.

FYI: Soap is still better than bleach in fighting coronavirus.

Speaking of food waste, here are some tips to make your groceries last longer.

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