Coronavirus: Task Force Flip Flop, Repealing Obamacare, What’s Next?

After Vice President Pence stated earlier this week that the White House coronavirus task force would wind down at the end of May, President Trump came out yesterday to say that its work would continue “indefinitely.” The President said he made the decision to leave the group in place for the foreseeable future after learning on Tuesday “how popular the task force is.”

However, at the same time, Trump has also vowed that he would to completely toss out all parts of the Affordable Care Act despite the backdrop of a health crisis. This also comes as evidence reveals the continuation of for-profit healthcare leaves our nation more vulnerable to pandemics.

Why This Matters: This flip flop shows that for the White House, optics and headlines matter much more than public health and safety. Physicians who are on the frontlines of medicine overwhelmingly do not support the administration’s efforts to repeal Obamacare yet the President is hellbent on the politics of the rollback. It’s more evident than ever before that navigating the future and the threats of pandemics and climate change will require reliance on science and metrics–anything less than that blatantly endangers the public.

On the Menu: As meat shortages become a threat, Americans are cooking a lot more fish….even species restaurants shy away from.

Proceed With Caution: As the Washington Post wrote: “after a peak week of sheltering in place in early April, residents in the United States began to inch out of their homes, according to new cellphone data. But even as states begin to “open up,” more Americans appear to be staying put than sprinting out the door.”

What About the Wipes: Clorox CEO Benno Dorer says the company is in “catch-up mode” after seeing a 500 percent spike in demand because of the coronavirus pandemic, but that they expect to be in better shape by the summer.

Amy Takes on the Airlines: Senator Amy Klobuchar tweeted her (admittedly funny) disdain for the airline industry profiteering off the coronavirus. Will legislation to right this outrageous wrong be forthcoming? We hope so.

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