Coronavirus: Trump Halts Immigration

Late last night, President Trump made an announcement that he will sign an executive order temporarily suspending immigration to the United States. There were few details about when the executive order would go into effect or how it would be enforced. However, the President did state that his motivation for this decision was based on protecting jobs.

As it stands, the United States leads the world in total COVID-19 cases. In fact, we’re exporting coronavirus to nations like Mexico and Haiti through the people we’ve been deporting.

Why This Matters: Immigration was already essentially ground to a halt. As CNN explained, refugee resettlement has been put on hold, visa offices are largely closed and citizenship ceremonies aren’t happening. Therefore this move can’t be seen as anything but yet another attempt by President Trump to deflect blame for his handling of the crisis and to offer up red meat for his base. Blaming immigrants for the woes of the U.S. economy is an old play from the President’s playbook unfortunate as it may be.

NPR White House reporter Geoff Bennett said it best:

Love In The Time of Corona: While it’s still unclear whether there will be a coronavirus baby boom, China has reported a surge in divorces following the outbreak. How to avoid being a COVID-19 divorce statistic.

Protest Optics: As the Washington Post reported, a Yahoo News/YouGov poll published Monday found that most Americans disagree with protesters who are demanding an end to stay-at-home orders. The poll showed that 71 percent of respondents were more concerned about lifting lockdowns too quickly.

What About Vaccines?: As Dr. Anthony Fauci has said, a vaccine for COVID-19 is likely still 18 months or more away. However, the World Health Organization warned that even once a vaccine is developed, manufacturing and distributing it will be an immense challenge. One that we must prepare for now.

Jane Goodall’s Wishes: As the Hill reported, British primatologist and conservationist Jane Goodall said that she hopes a global movement of people calling for clean air will result from the global coronavirus outbreak, which has emptied cities of traffic.

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