Coronavirus: Trump Wants to “Reopen” Economy, Health Experts Raise Red Flags

As the United States enters the second week of its coronavirus response, we’ve reached nearly 47,000 cases with 600 deaths. While we keep hearing from public health experts that the best way to limit the damage is for people to stay home, at a press conference yesterday President Trump made it clear that he wishes for businesses to reopen after a 2-week shutdown. 

“Our country was not built to be shut down,” the President said. “We are going to be opening up our country for business because our country was meant to be open.”

His intention comes after health officials made vehement warnings that relaxing shelter in place restrictions could significantly increase the death toll from the virus. Economists are also skeptical of the benefit of returning to business as usual.

Why This Matters: We are already likely in the midst of an economic recession. We can either use this as an opportunity to reinvest in our society and make it stronger or we can send people back to work where they risk death. And let’s be clear–the Americans who will go back to work at the ones who have to and those that do not have the option to work from home or take an extended leave. The President’s suggestion would be a disaster for the working-class, many of the same people who sent him to the White House.

Pro Tip: Surviving quarantine is a lot like surviving life on the International Space Station, according to NASA astronauts.

Go Deeper: Extended quarantine, of course, comes with drastic economic impacts but the risk of overwhelming our healthcare system could cost hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of lives. It’s yet another example of how the President’s refusal to listen to science has botched his response to the COVID-19 crisis and created needless confusion where Americans don’t know what to believe.

What the Economists Say: Read this thread,

On Your Radar: The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo have officially been “postponed” by the IOC with no alternative date announced.

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