Coronavirus: We’re Nowhere Near Prepared

CNN reported that as the American death count from coronavirus ticks above 100,000, the panel assembled by President Donald Trump to confront the pandemic has been sharply curtailed as the White House looks ahead to reopening.

  • Vice President Mike Pence convened the White House coronavirus task force on Thursday for the first time in a week.
  • The group of doctors and high-ranking administration officials, which met daily even on weekends at the height of the pandemic, has seen its formal sessions reduced from three per week at the start of May to one per week now, according to White House schedules.
Additionally, while overall infections and death rates are down in the United States, infections and deaths are rising in more than a dozen states, as they are in countries around the world, an ominous sign that the pandemic may be entering a new phase.
Why This Matters: Coronavirus will surge again when summer ends; infectious disease experts are almost certain of that. But they don’t know how severe that resurgence will be. So far, we haven’t prepared this reality. Relief programs for Americans are set to run out by the summer and each state is still scrambling to reopen and manage future outbreaks. In the absence of strong federal leadership, states and cities are being left on their own.
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