Coronavirus: What the New Normal Looks Like

Around the country, the public’s patience for staying home is wearing thin. Desperate lawmakers are trying their best to keep people home by issuing fines–even arresting those who defy orders, and in Illinois businesses that open too soon can now be charged with Class A misdemeanor under a measure enacted by Governor J.B. Pritzker

But even when businesses do reopen, precautions must be taken and will ensure that “business as usual” is merely a pipe dream.

Why This Matters: There’s no going back to how things were before–our world is forever changed because of this pandemic. However, some politicians keep perpetuating the myth that we can simply turn back the clock with the right precautions. We have to consider the workers and people who are most at risk and craft policies to protect them, not merely rush to reopen because people are having trouble staying home. With more than two-thirds of states significantly relaxing restrictions on how Americans can move about over the last few weeks, an uptick in cases is widely predicted–managing this cycle will take reconfiguring the way we’re used to doing things.

Getting Creative: Churches in many states will begin to reopen with fewer numbers, one Detroit priest has taken to shooting holy water from a water gun to maintain social distancing with parishioners.

60 Minutes Asks: Yesterday, 60 Minutes interviewed environmentalist Bill McKibben on how we use this time to address climate change as well as coronavirus. His answer:


Little to No Risk: Where coronavirus isn’t: What’s kept cases officially at zero in these 200 counties?

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