Curious About Mars? Check Out These Pics From NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity

Photo: NASA via CNN

Talk about some cool selfies!  Check out these photos that the Mars Rover took of itself and the Red Planet on February 26th.  According to CNN, the Rover made history by powering up its steepest hill to date, the Greenheugh Pediment, which is at a 31-degree tilt.  On the way up, the Rover’s drivers paused and savored the moment by taking a series of photos.  You can read more about this “out of this world” accomplishment in NASA’s Mars Mission Update here.

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One Cool Thing:  The New Mars Rover Is Aptly Named Perseverance

One Cool Thing: The New Mars Rover Is Aptly Named Perseverance

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February Super Snow Moon Was A Stunner

February Super Snow Moon Was A Stunner

Overnight from Saturday into Sunday, the full moon for the month of February, called the Snow Moon, was particularly spectacular because it occurred about a day before reaching the closest point to Earth in its orbit — and thus it appeared slightly larger than average. 

Why This Matters:  Understanding these natural phenomena is fundamentally human – it transcends cultures and time.

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