Curious About Mars? Check Out These Pics From NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity

Photo: NASA via CNN

Talk about some cool selfies!  Check out these photos that the Mars Rover took of itself and the Red Planet on February 26th.  According to CNN, the Rover made history by powering up its steepest hill to date, the Greenheugh Pediment, which is at a 31-degree tilt.  On the way up, the Rover’s drivers paused and savored the moment by taking a series of photos.  You can read more about this “out of this world” accomplishment in NASA’s Mars Mission Update here.

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Elon Musk’s Big Bets on Space X Launch and EV Batteries

Elon Musk’s Big Bets on Space X Launch and EV Batteries

Elon Musk’s company Space X is behind the latest NASA chapter, in which the Dragon Capsule launched by the Falcon 9 rocket will deliver astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley in style (wearing Tesla emblazoned custom-made Space X pressure suits) to the international space station – liftoff is set for today 4:33 pm ET. 

Why This Matters:  When it comes to the future, for better or worse, we are in Elon Musk’s hands, even as he argues to rapidly re-open the economy.

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Giant Ozone Hole Over The Arctic

Scientists at the European Space Agency have found an enormous hole in the Earth’s ozone layer, and it is unusual because it is over the North Pole. 

Why This Matters:  This is believed to be the largest hole ever to have formed above the Arctic.

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