Don’t Just Tweet, VOTE: The Real Lesson of Earth Day

Throughout the week our interviewees like John Kerry and John Podesta have reiterated that the most impactful thing we can do for our planet is VOTE. As we wrap up Earth Week we have to shift our focus to getting every eligible person we know to the polls–that’s the real work. Four more years of a Trump presidency would see even more callous regulatory rollbacks and the enabling of industries to keep developing pipelines and polluting our air, land, and water. It would be a catastrophe, no hyperbole. 

So please, make the commitment to vote. Posting and retweeting can help in spreading the message but it’s nowhere near what we need to ensure we have a habitable planet in another 50 years. When Sen. Gaylord Nelson asked, “are we willing?” let’s make sure our answer is a resounding “yes.”

cartoon by Alex Bowman

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One Canceled Out Thing: 6500 Years of Cooling

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Climate Justice Coalition’s National Network Supports House Dems’ Climate Crisis Action Plan

A coalition of nearly 300 progressive groups that span the environmental and civil rights movements have been working together for a year to hammer out the pillars of a climate justice plan they want to see passed, and the House Climate Crisis Committee adopted much of it in the comprehensive Solving the Climate Crisis Action Plan released on Tuesday.

Why This Matters:  When they work together in a coalition, these groups have real political muscle.

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