Environmental Voter Project Expands to 6 More States

Some good news to share! Our friends at the Environmental Voter Project, a non-partisan group that works to identify inactive environmentalists and then turning them into consistent activists and voters, have expanded their work into 6 additional battleground states ahead of the 2020 election: Arizona, Virginia, New Mexico, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Maine.

What EVP Does: As the Huffington Post recently explained, to identify voters, the four-year-old Environmental Voter Project,

  • Builds profiles based on the kind of demographic and behavioral data advertisers use, then runs a series of polls to verify the data and determine how likely voters are to list environmental issues as their political priority.
  • It then runs the profiles through an algorithm that scores voters based on how likely they are to be “super environmentalists.” Finally, the group weeds out people whose public voting records show they turn out for most elections.
  • What remains is a pool of registered voters who don’t need to be sold on the realities of the climate crisis ― they just need to be persuaded to turn out on Election Day.

Looking to 2020: As the 2020 election heats up, the EVP is targeting 5 million new voters ahead of local, state and presidential primaries. Founder Nathaniel Stinnett told HuffPost that by the time the general election takes place in November, “we’ll still be targeting 2 million environment-first voters who’ve never voted in a single election before.”

Why This Matters: Climate change is becoming an increasingly urgent political issue as its effect on humans is undeniable. We at ODP are helping host a, upcoming climate forum with presidential candidates to inform the public but the Environmental Voter Project takes this one step further and gets that public to the polls come election time. They do this through their army of awesome volunteers (many of them our readers!) who help make calls, send flyers, and knock on doors to get likely environmental voters to show up and vote. It’s not too early to get involved and to register as a volunteer with EVP.

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