EU To Pass Europe-Wide Climate Law, But Will Miss Current Emission Reduction Goals

Ursula von der Leyen, the EC president-elect, who is pushing for an EU GND   Photo: Vincent Kessler, Reuters

In a report published on Wednesday, the European Environment Agency said that Europe’s progress towards cutting greenhouse-gas emissions and boosting the share of renewables in the energy mix is not happening quickly enough and as a result, the EU will miss its goals.  Moreover, the EU can expect to confront heat waves that are more severe than recent record-breaking events every two years from 2050 on, The Telegraph reported.

Why This Matters:  The EU considers itself a climate leader globally and so missing these targets is a big deal.  To try to make up for it, the EU Parliament is debating its version of the Green New Deal, which includes an EU-wide legally binding target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 and reaching net-zero carbon by 2050.  Even with this bold proposal, the climate activist groups are critical, saying that the EU should go farther in order to get back on track to meet the Paris Agreement targets.

The EU Will Miss Its Targets

The Report states that the EU’s Paris Agreement target to cut its emissions by 40 percent of 1990 levels by 2030 would likely not be achieved.  The Hill reports that the EU’s report says that the EU is on track to see 30 percent reductions within the next decade, but some climate groups are pushing for a 55 percent reduction by 2030, which is needed in order to get to net-zero emissions by 2050.  In addition, the EU Parliament declared a “climate emergency” last week.

Breitbart Ridicules the Climate COP

For insight into what the conservative climate deniers are saying, check out Breitbart’s coverage of the UNFCCC meeting by James Delingpole, which is full of falsehoods and hyperbolic sarcasm.  The story’s headline is “The UN’s COP25 Madrid Climate Conference Is a Sick Joke” — and the Delingpole’s take is that no one cares except the “30,000 or so loons who have flown in for the freak show” who are “not normal” and “have no connection with the real world other than the unfortunate fact that they currently seem to make all our rules.”  What??  He even accused UNICEF of “grotesque hypocrisy” for calling attention to how the climate crisis disproportionately impacts children instead of solving the problem of children’s malnutrition, without understanding that the two are related problems.

This quote from his story says it all:

“That’s what’s really scary about these COP climate conferences, which perfectly encapsulate the increasing gulf between the globalist elite rulemakers and the ordinary people — you and me — who have to suffer from their stupid, anti-democratic decisions. The liberal elite in their hermetically sealed conference zone; the underclass — which is everyone else — in the city.”

To Go Deeper: Read the full Breitbart story by clicking here.  And be sure to watch this Breitbart video coverage.

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