First All-Female Spacewalk FINALLY Happening (this morning!)

Christina Koch, left, and Jessica Meir plan to replace a faulty 232-pound battery charger Friday during a spacewalk outside the International Space Station, the first all-female “EVA” in space history. Images: NASA

Earlier this spring, NASA astronauts were set to conduct the first all-female spacewalk until a lack of properly-fitting space suits cut the historic moment short. Now, finally, the spacewalk has been rescheduled for this morning with astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir as they set out to repair a faulty battery charger on the International Space Station.

As CBS explained

  • Koch, making her fourth spacewalk, and Meir, making her first, were expected to switch their spacesuits to battery power around 7:50 a.m. EDT to kick off a planned five-and-a-half-hour outing. It’s the 221st spacewalk since the International Space Station assembly began in 1998.
  • For identification, Koch, call sign EV-1, will be wearing a suit with red stripes and using helmet camera No. 18. Meir, EV-2, will be using an unmarked suit and using “helmetcam” No. 11.

Why This Matters: While Koch and Meir are setting out on the spacewalk strictly to fix the charger, this is still a big moment for female astronauts who face a great deal of gender bias simply by how our space program was designed (mostly all for men!).

You can watch the live stream of the spacewalk here. 

Go Deeper: Read our exclusive interview with Kathy Sullivan, the first American woman to walk in space.

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