Happy Arbor Day, Now Go Plant Some Trees!

by Zoey Shipley

Earth Day, which has really turned into Earth Week (and even Earth Month) is an opportunity to bring awareness to ecology, climate change, climate justice, conservation, and everything that falls under the umbrella of “environmentalism.” However, today also happens to be Arbor Day–a day set aside on our calendar with the sole purpose of planting trees. 

And as we’ve seen in the past year, reforesting our planet could actually be an important part of fighting climate change. So much so that even President Trump agrees!

Why This Matters: Arbor Day is actually our oldest environmental holiday and, like most Earth Day events, has been forced to cancel in-person events due to COVID-19. But in a time of massive deforestation as well as the deadly effects that deforestation–such as intensifying wildfires and the spreading new diseases–we shouldn’t forget to celebrate the day!

How You Can Still Celebrate: As EcoWatch reported, the Arbor Day Foundation is taking extraordinary steps to help people still feel connected. The foundation is asking people to post a photo of a tree of your preferred social media platform (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook), use the hashtag #ArborDayAtHome, and tag their foundation (@arborday). The foundation will then plant a tree for you! They hope to plant over 50,000 trees by Arbor Day. 

The foundation is still sending potted trees to those that would want to plant their own or you can go on a hike in your local area to appreciate the forestry around you. There’s no wrong way to celebrate Arbor Day but it’s an important day to remember. 

Arbor Day’s Beginnings 

Thanks to the passion of a journalist named Julius Morton and his wife Caroline, a day devoted to playing trees was created in 1872. The couple moved to Nebraska City, NE where they bought 160 acres of land to plant a wide assortment of trees and shrubs on thair prairie land parcel. The couple was strong in their advocacy for more forestation in Nebraska, so Mr. Morton proposed a day to encourage fellow Nebraskans to plant trees in their own communities. But the holiday idea didn’t stop there. It quickly spread across the country, and even the world


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