Rod Schoonover testifies in Congress in June.    Photo: Andrew Harnik, Associated Press

In July, Rod Schoonover resigned from his job at the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research in protest because the Trump Administration blocked the written testimony prepared for a hearing of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.  Schoonover was ultimately allowed to speak to the Committee but the White House blocked the written statement for the record because “the scientific foundation of the analysis did not comport with the administration’s position on climate change.”

Schoonover wrote in an op/ed in the New York Times that the conclusion of the testimony was “Climate change will have wide-ranging implications for U.S. national security over the next 20 years.”  He quit because “the White House trampled not only on the scientific integrity of the assessment but also on the analytic independence of an arm of the intelligence community.”  For his willingness to stand up for these important principles, he is our hero this week.

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