Heroes of the Week: Investigative Reporters In Ohio Who Blew the Lid On Dirty Power Scandal

A team of investigative reporters from the Akron Beacon Journal, Cincinnati Enquirer, and the Columbus Dispatch (all part of the USA Today Network) have been doing some top-notch investigative reporting, helping to expose one of the largest corruption scheme in the history of the state.  Their recent stories have shed a light on the elaborate scheme — two weeks ago of the FBI arrested the Former Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, and four other lobbyists and operatives on federal racketeering charges (yes like the mafia).  The men allegedly siphoned off $60M for political payoffs and personal uses from Ohio’s FirstEnergy Corporation.  Bankrupt coal company Murray Energy and another Ohio coal firm, the Boich Company, have also been implicated.

The scandal continues to grow — and so does the dark cloud around nuclear power and coal in Ohio and their unholy alliance with some prominent folks in Ohio.  So for their great work telling this story, we salute the local journalists who delivered: including Jackie Borchardt, Randy Ludlow, Rick Rouan, Jessie Balmert, and in particular, Amanda Garrett, who wrote a 4 part series in the Akron Beacon Journal laying out the whole ugly story.  Here is that series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.  We hope they win a Pulitzer – they deserve it.

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