Heroes of the Week: The Guardians of American Democracy

2020 has tested our country in ways we could never have imagined a year ago.  But what has been remarkable during these challenging times is how so many Americans have stepped up.  Doctors and nurses and first-responders in our health care system continue to work tirelessly under dangerous conditions to care for COVID patients.

And now, thousands of poll workers and vote-counters have worked around the clock to safeguard this election in more ways than one.  COVID numbers kept escalating, not to mention threats of voter intimidations, as the election drew nearer — they might have bowed out. Thousands of election volunteers showed up across the country and made it happen.  They donned masks, adapted polling places with plastic shields and sanitized them, enforced the distancing rules, and kept tens of millions of Americans safe so that we could exercise our most sacred responsibility — to vote. Some were badly harassed by Trump supporters – describing the atmosphere as being like a “war zone.” Because of them, Americans were able to cast ballots in record numbers. Now that the votes are in, it’s the vote counters who are enduring harassment and intimidation in places like Phoenix and Detroit, which are deciding the election. These amazing Americans are steadfast and undeterred, counting and counting and counting.

We are all indebted to all of them for upholding our democracy during this most crucial election.  

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States Are Beginning to Enact Environmental Justice Laws

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