House Dems Chart Course on Climate Change Action

US protesters demand action on climate change

Photo: Yasin Öztürk, Anadolu Agency

Later this morning, House Democrats — Speaker Pelosi and Representative Kathy Castor of the House Special Committee on Climate — will unveil the most detailed and sweeping proposal in a decade for dealing with the climate crisis, which reportedly also weaves environmental justice into every element of the plan.  The key point is that it sets a national goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, with interim targets in 2030 and 2040, including net zero in the power sector by 2040 and all new cars and light trucks to be fully electric by 2035, according to E&E News, which got a copy last night.  It also recognizes that renewable energy development like offshore wind should be a priority while ending offshore oil and gas drilling.  Interestingly, it does not ban future oil and gas leasing on federal lands.

Why This Matters:  This is not a plan that the President can lambast as an end to capitalism.  We know from recent polling and analysis of public opinion, that voters think climate change is a serious problem and want to rebuild the U.S. economy around a clean energy future.  Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe the federal government should be doing more on climate change.  Now the Democrats have a strong plan.

What We Know So Far

The plan reportedly draws greatly from the proposal made by Gov. Jay Inslee during his campaign for President. Here are the key provisions of the plan, based on E&E News and The Hill’s reporting from last night.

This climate action plan is in addition to a huge $1.5T infrastructure proposal unveiled last week by House Democrats that incorporates numerous climate change provisions and requires states to set greenhouse gas reduction goals in order to receive infrastructure funding from the government.

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