Interview of the Week, Brad Campbell, President of the Conservation Law Foundation

This week we caught up with Brad Campbell, the President of the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF).  Brad has had a long career in environmental law, in Washington at the Justice Department and White House Council on Environmental Quality, then as the EPA Regional Administrator for the Mid-Atlantic and as the Environment Commissioner for the State of New Jersey.

On CLF’s Focus:

“We work at the national level, but our footprint and focus is in New England. And in the biggest battles, we love to say we don’t go home, we are home…The foundational one for CLF was a battle to clean up Boston Harbor…we filed litigation to clean up the Harbor, which had really been treated like an open sewer for centuries.”

On Federal and State Environmental Agencies Being Disempowered:

“In my old agency, the New Jersey Department of Environment Protection, the department’s budget has been cut by more than a third since I left — the same in Massachusetts, same in many other states.  And you see over time the rate of enforcement of the law…goes down in direct tracking of those budget cuts.”

On Holding Big Oil and Gas Companies Accountable On Climate Change:

“These cases are about…where oil and gas deceit hits home. The oil and gas companies facilities where we have sued are low-lying…even though these facilities handle oil and hazardous substances, nothing has been done to make these facilities climate-ready…in managing their own facilities, which are in the heart of Black and brown and poor communities.”

On Marine Protected Areas’ Importance for Climate Resilience:

“One of the important tools we have is established marine protected areas. That aligns really with the 30×30 effort to try to set aside 30% of our lands AND waters in permanent protection.”

We hope you watch the whole interview and take to heart Brad’s plea for more people to call their representatives and speak up about environmental issues. Our voices do make a difference!

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