Interview of the Week: Councilmember Derek Green, Philadelphia PA

Derek Green is an at-large member of the Philadelphia City Council. As a member of City Council, Councilmember Green chairs the Committee on Finance and Disabilities and serves as the Vice Chair of the Committees on Aging and Law and Government. Additionally, he serves as the Chair of the Philadelphia Gas Commission, in addition to being the board director of numerous city funds and commissions. Check out our full interview with the Councilman above. Here’s an excerpt about how cities like Philadelphia could stand to receive more support for their COVID-19 recovery efforts.

We often hear that cities are struggling to manage the pandemic while also maintaining all other municipal services but we rarely hear about the specifics from local leaders. We asked the Councilman how the federal government might support cities that are struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic:

DG: [The federal government can] provide more resources to cities and counties like Philadelphia, that allow for revenue reimbursement. The initial federal CARES dollars that came to Philadelphia could only really be used for COVID-19 testing , contact tracing or reimbursements for expenses directly tied to the pandemic. But for so many cities like Philadelphia, we’ve lost a significant amount of money due to not being able to collect the non-resident wage ta. We’ve been promoting a Cities Are Essential Campaign to press upon our colleagues in the federal government to make sure that as they’re looking at some additional federal dollars to help regarding COVID-19, they allow cities to have revenue reimbursement to make up for that lost revenue.

We just passed our budget and we had a $749 million dollar deficit and that causes significant strain on our budget and really impacts our ability to provide the resources and the quality of life amenities that our citizens are looking for.

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