Interview of the Week: Rt Hon. David Lammy

This past week, Our Daily Planet got a chance to sit down with the Right Honorable David Lammy, Member of Parliament for Tottenham, as well as the Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Shadow Lord Chancellor in Keir Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet.

We were inspired to talk to David after a recent TED Talk he gave about the crucial need to ground social justice within the broader climate movement. So we wanted to ask, how big of a topic is environmental justice in Britain and more broadly, why is it important that all environmental work center BIPOC voices? Some key points David made that we all should sit with:

The leaders who usually focus on climate are usually white and they rarely bother to enlist the support of Black voices in their work.”

In order to cooperate on a global scale, we need to pay more attention to who’s occupying the seats of power. Less than 25% of the global population is white, so why do white people occupy 89% of the leadership positions in environmental organizations? If climate change is a global problem, why are all of our climate heroes from the Western world?”

Additionally, with COP26 coming up in Scotland we asked David’s thoughts on how the United States and the United Kingdom might begin to work as wealthy nations on matters of climate equity. Please take a watch, we promise you’ll learn a lot!

And when you’re finished watching be sure to learn more about the Sophia Point Rainforest Research Centre in Guyana that David referenced as well as his recent book, Tribes (which is #1 on our reading list).



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