It’s Earth Day — Here Are Some Ways To Participate and Make It Count From Home!

Image: Earth Day Network

It’s Earth Day and many of us are working from home, while others are on the front lines keeping our health care and essential services going. No big marches or demonstrations are possible. So how can we all make the day meaningful?  Here are some ideas of things you can do to make a difference today. 

Attend a Virtual Rally:  There are several “nationwide” virtual events — maybe one will fit in your schedule.  Rallies matter — they help to build a sense of community and enthusiasm to make conservation, sustainability and combatting climate change a priority.

Help Register Environmental Voters: At 4 PM ET Today join the Environmental Voter Project and get a briefing on their work to mobilize environmental voters in key swing states and then get training on how to phone bank and begin calling voters at 4:30 pm EDT.  This is work you can do from home on an ongoing basis and it will help turn voters out in upcoming primaries and in the general election in November.

Make Small Lifestyle ChangesGood Housekeeping Magazine Has 45 Suggestions That Are Easy To Do.  Things like turning off the faucet more quickly can save 8 gallons of water a day.  Or use a cloth towel instead of paper towels — especially now when they are in such short supply.

Become A Citizen Scientist: Use the Earth Challenge 2020 app to gather environmental data in your neighborhood — you can help measure air quality and plastic pollution. Users can take readings throughout the day to track how human activity and weather patterns change the air we breathe. Each reading will add to a global database of knowledge and help us understand

Do Something Eco Friendly With Your Kids:  Young people are leading the movement — start your kids on the same path with an art project like making an Earth Day poster, watching animals at a zoo Livestream like this one by the San Diego Zoo, or giving them an Earth Day quiz.

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