Jason Momoa Lends Voice to Ocean Conservation

This week, Conservation International released “The Wave,” the newest addition to its award-winning “Nature is Speaking” series. The film voiced by Aquaman actor, Hawaiian-native and ocean sustainability advocate Jason Momoa, highlights the urgent need to protect and conserve the global ocean for the benefit of humanity.

Waves are powerful, they are connected to the sun, to the moon and to the entire human population. We must collectively make the choice to treat our oceans with respect, not tomorrow but today,” said Momoa. “Rising emissions are leading to sea-level rise, plastics are polluting the seas and we often overfish without pause. The good news: we can turn things around if we first recognize our connection to the ocean and then positively act on it, keeping nature’s and our best interests in mind.”

Why This Matters: Conservation International CEO, Dr. M Sanjayan explained it best to Our Daily Planet,

“The ocean is impacted every day by climate change, pollution and warming temperatures. Nature is warning us that we need to let it heal now, not tomorrow. We must listen. The Wave and the Nature is Speaking films have and continue to inspire action to protect nature.“ Adding that, “As a long-term advocate for sustainability with a personal connection to the sea, I can think of no better voice for the world’s waves than Jason Momoa. We are honored to have him join the Nature is Speaking family.”

The Series: Conservation International developed the “Nature Is Speaking” campaign in 2014 with social impact communications agency MAL\FOR GOOD under the creative direction of agency founder, Lee Clow. The goal: to give nature a voice and reframe why conservation is important, reinforcing that people need nature if we are to safeguard our future on the planet.

The series includes films personifying different elements of nature narrated by some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, Liam Neeson, Lupita Nyong’o, Edward Norton, Robert Redford, Penelope Cruz, Ian Somerhalder, Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek, Shailene Woodley and Lee Pace as well as more than 50 international artists. The films have been viewed more than 100 million times around the world in 10 languages.

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