Greta Thunberg. Image/AP

16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has influenced young people across the world to protest and strike for climate action. But the “Greta effect” is a very real thing and her activism has inspired a flurry of books to be written about climate change. As the Guardian reported, “the number of new children’s books looking at the climate crisis, global heating and the natural world has more than doubled over the past 12 months, according to data from Nielsen Book Research shared with the Observer. Sales have also doubled.

The Titles: The Guardian explained that “whether it’s beautifully illustrated factual books like A Wild Child’s Guide to Endangered Animals, apocalyptic climate catastrophe novels such as Where the River Runs Gold or how-to guides such as Kids Fight Plastic, publishers are targeting a plethora of new fiction and nonfiction titles at young readers inspired by Thunberg.”

Why This Matters: Talking about climate change is important because it helps normalize the issue and defuse it from being needlessly politically charged. Talking about climate change with young people and encouraging them to read more on the issue is important because knowledge is power especially in the age of disinformation. On this note, we’re really grateful to blogger and HGTV host Jillian Harris for allowing Our Daily Planet to publish a guest blog post about what climate change means for kids and their future. When influential people use their platforms to address climate issues it helps frame the issue as something more than a political talking point and expands the conversation to include a much broader array of people.

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