Look Folks, There Is Only One Choice For President in 2020 – Joe Biden

By Miro Korenha and Monica Medina

When we launched Our Daily Planet over two years ago, we wanted to change the conversation about conservation and climate change – to make these issues a key part of the political and policy discussion so that they would finally be addressed. We firmly believed then and still do today, that they are among the most important ones facing our nation. Indeed, the current crises we are experiencing are innately tied to our unsustainable social, environmental, and economic practices. Clean air, clean water, biodiversity and a future that is not threatened by escalating temperatures – these are fundamental rights we must protect for our own well-being, and for future generations. As we write about these issues each day, we are certain about one thing. In the most consequential presidential election in our lifetimes, we must elect Joe Biden.

What matters to me (Miro) in this election is choosing a candidate that can fix the damage Donald Trump has inflicted on our government. Not only have we lost a record number of bedrock environmental laws and regulations, but we’ve also lost immense human capital in our federal agencies. When the best and the brightest don’t want to work at the EPA, Interior, NOAA, the State Department, etc., Americans ultimately lose out. Joe Biden is a candidate that can restore my faith, and that of millions of Americans, in our government. That’s the only way we can begin to pick up the pieces and work toward a brighter future.

I wholeheartedly believe the most pressing challenges my generation is facing can only be solved by a healthy, democratic government—one that functions to serve all the people, and does not divide us. That’s why it’s so important that Joe Biden has vowed to appoint a cabinet that will “look like America.” Diversity in our federal agencies is fundamental to ensuring our government keeps working to extend the promise of America to each and every person.

What’s more, a Biden administration will enact the most progressive climate and environmental agenda in our nation’s history. Joe Biden introduced (and got signed into law by President Reagan) the Global Climate Protection Act the year before I was born. And I trust him to implement key elements of the Green New Deal both through legislation he signs and executive actions he’ll administer. He’s a candidate that through his faith, his humility, and his political convictions, will take the urgency of the climate crisis seriously and adeptly deploy the power of the federal government to meet the challenge at hand.

For me (Monica), this is more than a choice about policies and priorities. I have known Vice President Biden for more than thirty years. And I intend to do everything I can to help him get elected because I know there is no one more ready to meet this crucial moment than Joe Biden.

I know that he is sincere when he talks about climate change as an existential crisis and that he is determined to take bold action to address it because of his devotion to his family, particularly his grandchildren. And there is nothing more important than getting our country back on track for future generations. I believe he will do what it takes because I have seen the way he talks to my own children about their future and the world he wants for them.

No one is more prepared than Joe Biden for the enormous challenge of rebuilding our economy with an emphasis on sustainability that puts us on the best path for the future. He can restore our standing in the world, and work with other nations to ensure that together we tackle climate change — even those nations with whom our relationship is most frayed, like China. There is no one better able to use the power of the Presidency to martial our citizens and the rest of the world to take on this existential crisis. It cannot be entirely solved by individuals, businesses, or at the state and local levels. Solving the climate crisis will take the kind of Presidential leadership that Joe Biden can provide to do the hard things. I know because I have seen him up close taking on the toughest tasks facing the Obama administration – from the stimulus in 2009 to Ebola.

I also can personally attest to his compassion and his heart. He feels the pain of Black and brown citizens who have been disproportionately impacted by both climate change and harmful pollution. And he understands the sorrow of displaced workers from all sectors who just want a job to feel whole again. His devotion to restoring the soul of our nation is deep and unwavering. I know because I have seen him comfort those who lost everything in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill or a family member in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars or to cancer.

At Our Daily Planet, we work every day to earn your trust. And so both of us felt it important to tell you exactly where we stand when it comes to the gravely important Presidential election in November. No malarkey. No BS. Joe Biden will make a great President and we are proud to endorse him.

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