Worker bees doing their thing.

Yesterday was the final day of the Sustainable Brands conference and I (Miro) got to spend my morning on the rooftop of the GM headquarters in Detroit checking out the hives of honeybees that call it home. Detroit nonprofit, Bees in the D partners with residents, schools, and businesses to contribute to the health of honeybee colonies and also teach Detroiters to be beekeepers. Detroit’s growth of urban farms and green spaces has provided more habitat for honeybees and the hives provide the city’s verdant parks the pollination they require in addition to instilling a sense of pollinator conservation in locals. Bee fact of the day: the all-female worker bees literally work themselves to death after about 40 days while the male drones pretty much don’t do anything except for trying to mate with the queen once in their lives. Thanks for nothing guys!

GM’s rooftop garden in Detroit.

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