One Cool Thing: Funghi on the Runway

Image: Holger Krisp via Wikimedia Commons

Today is the final day of Paris Fashion Week, and as the couture craze grips the city and fashion enthusiasts worldwide, some designers are taking sustainability to the next level. Stella McCartney — known for her vegetarianism, anti-fur and leather policy, and commitment to sustainability — centered mushrooms in her Paris show this week.


Narrated by American mycologist Paul Stamets, the show featured designs inspired by fungi aesthetics and accessories made from mushrooms themselves. McCartney, along with other clothing creators like Lululemon, has backed a new material called Mylo, created by Bolt Threads and made of mycelium, threadlike cells found in fungi. McCartney is expected to release products made from Mylo soon, making it easy for you to add some shroomy vibes to your personal style.

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