One Cool Thing: Magic Mascara Wands Save Wildlife

Image: Breakingpic via Pexels

Hey makeup lovers, have you ever bought a mascara that didn’t work out? Or run your favorite formula down to the bottom of the bottle? Well, some online gurus have found a sustainable solution to your mascara waste woes. Wands for Wildlife, a nonprofit organization, collects your used mascara wands and donates them to wildlife refuges, where they use them to clean and care for tiny Wildlife.

The organization engages people in ways to support wildlife rehabilitation efforts and encourages greater mindfulness of the impact from human activities, including the use of plastics, on the environment,” Wands for Wildlife president Kimberly “Tashi” Brewster told Good Morning America. She explained that the soft, small bristles “reduce the risk of potential injury to tiny patients — especially squirmy babies.” So far, the organization has received over a million wands, and Brewster says the tiny bits of plastic are bringing people together during dark times. “We sure need opportunities like this to do some good, now more than ever.”

While collections are currently paused, check back here to make future donations.

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