An oak seedling gift of the California Natural Plant Society. Photo: Beth Schlanker/The Press Democrat

My (Miro’s) hometown of Sonoma, CA is known for its majestic oak trees as much as it is known for its vineyards yet sadly many of the beautiful oaks burned in the 2017 wildfires, leaving behind sad graveyards where they once stood. Recently a Sonoma County nonprofit, Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation, has been distributing hundreds of oak tree sprouts to area landowners to help replace some of the lost trees and symbolically plant hope for the future. As the Press Democrat reported, thousands of acorns were collected by Sonoma County naturalists and volunteers, while thousands more were mailed to the Sacramento headquarters of the California Native Plant Society. The acorns were treated to kill disease, entered into a database to track their species and origin and brought to nurseries, where they’ve since sprouted into seedlings that are ready to be planted this winter.





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