We think he doesn’t look a day over 65!  On Friday, the lead character in the longest-running public service campaign, Smokey The Bear, turned seventy-five.  His message has always been simple and highly effective — reminding Americans that “Only you can prevent wildfires,” When Smokey first took to the airwaves, the overwhelming majority of U.S. wildfires are sparked by careless human activity such as unattended campfires or improperly discarded cigarettes, U.S Forest Chief Vicki Christiansen said in a statement.  And as fires become more of a risk with climate change, according to the Ad Council there has been “an approximate 14 percent reduction in the average number of human-caused wildfires from 2011-2018, compared to the previous 10 years.”   Check out the two public service announcements below, featuring celebrities helping Smokey celebrate his big day!

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