If just you can’t get enough cute animal videos, good news!   The popular web site The Dodo in July launched three new video shows aimed at kids that can be streamed on its YouTube channel.  The three series are:

  • Best Animal Friends an animated show telling the stories of two rescue animals that have become unlikely buddies;
  • Rescued! –  hosted by seven-year-old Roman McConn — a live-action series recounting inspirational rescue stories; and
  • Dodo Sing Dodo Dance  – which is music videos starring popular Dodo animals.

The Dodo announced the new series, with Dodo founder and chief creative officer Izzie Lerer saying, “The Dodo is consistently ranked as the most-engaged with media brand in the world because of the emotional, entertaining, and positive stories that we tell to audiences across mobile and linear platforms. The launch of our kids’ brand is a logical next step in our brand’s journey, and we are confident these shows will resonate with young children and their parents, as well as with advertisers.”  We can’t wait to watch!

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