One Hot Thing: “Seaspiracy” — An Ocean Documentary Is a Top Ten Netflix Film

This explosive new documentary film about the fragile state of the ocean is grabbing attention – it even made the British edition of Vogue Magazine.  In the last week since its release, it has vaulted into the top ten most-streamed films on Netflix.  It has also caused quite a stir — you can read more about that here and here.  One of the main messages of the film is that we humans should switch to a plant-based diet because overfishing by humans is “killing the ocean.” Overfishing is quite a problem globally — especially the illegal kind that we often write about here in ODP.  But for millions of people, fish are an essential source of protein for which there is no substitute.  For Americans, the best option is locally caught seafood or seafood that is harvested sustainably here in the U.S.A.  Buy American fish!

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Ocean Activists Planning to “Flood” the Nation’s Capital Next Week

Ocean Activists Planning to “Flood” the Nation’s Capital Next Week

Hundreds of citizens will fan out across the nation’s capital next week to meet with lawmakers in what’s projected to be the largest ocean lobby effort in US history.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, they will meet with Biden administration officials, federal agencies, and members of Congress for a nonpartisan Ocean Climate Action Hill Day.

Why It Matters:  As the Biden administration and the Congress begin to debate what’s infrastructure and therefore within the American Jobs Plan, the blue economy needs to be front and center in it.

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Suez Canal Jam Will Take Months to Sort, Many Live Animals Likely Perished on Ships

Suez Canal Jam Will Take Months to Sort, Many Live Animals Likely Perished on Ships

The Evergiven is no longer stuck in the Suez Canal, but world shipping is hardly back to normal. In just six days, the massive container ship held up almost $60 billion in global trade.  Supply chains across the world are delayed and off schedule, and the incident has economists and maritime experts across the globe reevaluating the efficacy of the current shipping economy.  

Why this Matters: The pandemic has rocketed demand for goods (and vaccines) to all-time highs, but bottlenecks at many major ports and slow shipping speed could slow the global economy just as it begins to recover from COVID-19.

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Millions of Jellyfish Die from “The Blob”

Millions of Jellyfish Die from “The Blob”

Julia Parrish, a University of Washington professor, using 20 years of data from citizens who reported on coastal conditions all along the West Coast, found that mass die-offs of sailor jellyfish correlated with “the blob,” a patch of unusually hot ocean waters in the Pacific, according to a new study. 

Why this Matters: The Blob became prevalent in 2013 when surface waters off the Pacific coast began getting especially warm. 

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