Photo:  Christopher Krupenye, Duke University

Sometimes these stories just write themselves!  A recent study found that bonobo mothers are particularly important (some might say overbearing) when it comes to ensuring that their male offspring mate successfully.  How so, you ask?  Well here are some examples of the “maternal” behaviors scientists have now documented, according to The Washington Post.

  • When a male bonobo is mating with a female, his mother will sometimes run interference against any other males that come too close and try to interrupt the lovemaking.
  • Or sometimes a bonobo mom will team up with her son to drive away male rivals and help him rise in their social group’s hierarchy.
  • She will even actively break up sexual activity between females and other males who aren’t her son.

And you thought soccer moms were over the top!  How do you like these “wing-moms“?

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