One Smart Thing: In Coronavirus World, How To Decrease Shipping Waste

With more and more people being encouraged not to go out unless it’s essential, on-line shopping from Amazon and other big retailers may become your best option.  We know — we hate all that plastic packaging too.  Here are some tips for reducing it courtesy of

1.  To request less packaging from Amazon either:

  • Send an email to customer service ( asking them to avoid plastic packaging and extra packaging – which means no bubble wrap or packing peanuts;
  • Call them at 1 (888) 280-4331 and make your request over the phone; or
  • Or live chat with an Amazon associate on their customer service Contact Page.

2.  Use Amazon’s “Frustration Free” packaging service.  When looking for an item, add the term “frustration-free packaging” in the search field and then select this option from the product detail page.  The item will be delivered in an easy to open, 100% recyclable package.

3.  Buy from Amazon Warehouse to save money and reduce your footprint by shopping secondhand for refurbished or pre-owned products — you still get 30 days to return them if they are not up to snuff.

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