Muriel Alderman, an 85-year-old resident of Riner, VA has been collecting 4-leaf clovers on her farm since 1965 and has amassed a serious collection in that time. Looking for the clovers is her hobby and she keeps a record of her collection. As SW Virginia News reported, in 2018 – which she called “the best year” she ever had – she found over 1,200 shamrocks.

She doesn’t wear glasses or have a magnifying glass for her searches, and she doesn’t use special equipment. She simply uses her hand and runs it through the grasses. She said she usually finds a four-leaf clover in five minutes or less. “I’ve got good eyesight.” Every year she tries to beat her record and find more than she did the previous year. Here’s hoping the luck of the Irish is with Muriel in her 2019 hunt!

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