Our Hero of The Week: Donating Her Allowance To Help Ensure Fair Elections

This week our hero is eight-year-old Ali Hirsch, who won’t vote for another ten years but wants to make a difference.  She has donated all her saved allowance and birthday money to an organization fighting to make sure every American can vote in November, with the help of her parents of course.  She chose The Brennan Center for Justice, but there are so many great organizations out there fighting to equal access to the ballot box — including Fair Fight, the ACLU, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and the League of Women Voters.  We would add the League of Conservation Voters and Environmental Voter Project too.

Ali’s Mom, Amanda, tweeted and posted on Facebook on her behalf:

“Every person who donates, and every dollar we raise, will help to promote a fair election, and will be a victory over the cynicism and corruption that dominates our politics. It will also show a little girl who is losing faith in people, and definitely in America, that kids can make a difference, and that doing good can inspire others to do the same.”

So far Ali has raised nearly $2,000 but maybe with help from Friends of the Planet, she can raise even more. To see how, check out the Facebook post here. There is nothing more important than equitable, safe and secure elections.  We are with you, Ali!

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