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The Guardian reported last week that President Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, boasted that they had raked in almost $500,000 in one week from selling reusable and recyclable (And BPA free for good measure) Trump-branded nine-inch long plastic straws that sold out within hours.  The straw is nothing more than a gimmick — the idea for it grew out of Parscale’s bad experience with a paper straw — several cities like Seattle and Washington, D.C. have outlawed the single-use plastic straw.

Why This Matters:  As usual, the President’s “genius” is under-appreciated — this stunt will inspire many people to join the environmental movement — wittingly or unwittingly.  He managed to get tens of thousands of his supporters to pay absurd amounts of money to buy and use recyclable and reusable straws — something they would never have done otherwise.  Could they make Trump-branded aluminum water bottles, bicycles, sustainably caught fish, and even electric vehicles?  Whatever it takes to get Trump supporters to change their single-use plastic, natural resource depleting, fossil fuel loving ways.  But we had an idea — could someone out there make a competing “Trump Sucks for the Planet” reusable straw?  We could eliminate even more single-use straws this way!

Straws Actually Are A Big Problem

The President said in his view we have bigger problems than plastic straws — and in great measure thanks to him, that is true.  However, according to The Guardian, a recent study estimated that there are about 7.5m plastic straws strewn on America’s beaches, amid 35m tons of plastic pollution produced worldwide every year, an estimated quarter of which is dumped in rivers, streams and the oceans.  Our friends at Lonely Planet argue that they should be eliminated entirely — humans use over 500,000,000 plastic straws a day.  And the #StopSucking campaign was a huge social media hit and a success story raising awareness globally about the urgent problem of plastic pollution in the ocean.

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