Read This: Meatless Burgers, Good or Bad?

Image: Beyond Meat

We’ve written quite a bit about the rise of meatless burgers and alternative meat companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. While these companies are helping to reduce meat consumption they’re not without their critics. Some say that these meatless alternatives are “overly-processed” and shouldn’t try to mimic animal flesh. It’s also worth noting that neither Beyond Meat nor the Impossible burger are health-foods, they’re simply a meat alternative.

But how should you feel about this abundance of meat-free patties especially as their popularity at stores and fast-food restaurants steadily rises? Vox recently wrote a great piece summing up the nuance, we highly recommend that you read it!

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This Year, Should You Pardon the Turkey?

This Year, Should You Pardon the Turkey?

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Why This Matters:  Time reports that a Neilsen poll taken in December 2018 found that more than 60% of Americans are willing to cut back on their meat consumption in order to personally reduce their carbon footprint.

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