Senator Cory Booker On Climate Injustice: It’s “An Assault on Black Bodies”

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Time Magazine correspondent Justin Worland recently interviewed Senator Cory Booker as part of its “Time 100 Talks: Finding Hope” series about the continuing fight for justice in a COVID-19 world.  Senator Booker (who is a #FriendofthePlanet) told Worland that “you can’t address climate justice without considering race and that environmental injustice is yet another form of ‘assault on Black bodies’ in addition to the disproportionate effects of police brutality.”

Senator Booker said, “We still live in a nation where so many Americans are suffering with environmental injustice but the biggest determining factor of whether you live around toxicity — whether you drink dirty water, whether you breathe dirty air — is the color of your skin.”

Booker called out Republican leaders in the federal government who are climate deniers, telling Worland, “It’s very hard to deal with a problem if you won’t even name it.” And yet, Senator Booker remains hopeful that our country will “’turn a corner’ in its approach to climate justice and that local ideas from local leaders are scaled up to create healthier ecosystems.”

Why This Matters:  The Black Lives Matter movement spans more than simply criminal justice reform and racism.  It includes eradicating the devastating and disproportionate impacts of pollution and climate change on Black citizens.

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