One Tip It On Back Thing:  Beer in Paper “Bottles”

One Tip It On Back Thing: Beer in Paper “Bottles”

The Danish brewing company Carlsberg is developing a prototype “paper bottle” that will be “fully recyclable and have an inner barrier to allow the bottles to contain beer.”  The Associated Press reported that the company is planning to collaborate with Coca-Cola, Swedish vodka maker Absolut, and makeup group L’Oreal to develop paper bottles.  Carlsberg is […]

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One Cool Thing: Tailgating Goes Sustainable

One Cool Thing: Tailgating Goes Sustainable

With fall around the corner and campuses across the country bustling again, it is time for college football season and that means one fun thing — tailgates!  The plastic cup has long been a staple of pre-game parties and post-game celebrations, but Ball Corporation is hoping to change that and make all the fun much […]

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One Cool Thing: Free Beer for Life

If you’re a fan of Busch beer then this one’s for you: As Fast and Company reported, this Saturday Busch Beer will sponsor a secret pop-up shop (the “Busch Pop Up Schop”) that will last for one day—in a national forest somewhere in America. Attendees will receive free merchandise, with one winner getting free Busch […]

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Yikes, We’re Eating 2,000 Pieces of Plastic Each Week

Yikes, We’re Eating 2,000 Pieces of Plastic Each Week

A new study put out by the University of Newcastle in Australia has revealed that humans are eating, swallowing or breathing in about 2,000 tiny pieces of plastic each week, an amount equal to the weight of one credit card. That’s some literal food for thought as we consider how to curb our addiction to […]

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One Fun Throwback for #Pour It Forward

Last night’s Super Bowl will, of course, be remembered for its best commercials!  Last year, Stella Artois made a splash with its #PourItForward campaign, teaming with Water.org to provide 5 years of clean water to someone in the developing world. They are continuing the campaign in 2019.  If you purchase a limited edition glass “chalice” you […]

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