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Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Equates Climate Migrants to “Pollution”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in a news segment on Monday night created a firestorm over racist remarks in which he claimed that proposals to allow many more climate refugees to enter the U.S. would result in overcrowding and would “despoil” and “pollute” our country. 

Why This Matters:  Millions of people around the world — including Americans — are already suffering due to climate change and it has created a refugee crisis.  According to the proposal’s proponents, since 2009, a climate-related disaster has displaced about one person every second due to severe weather events, famine, drought, and rising sea levels, and other climate impacts.  The United Nations believes that 22.5 million people worldwide have been displaced due to climate change since 2009 and that number could rise to 200 million forcibly displaced people by 2050. We will be confronted with this problem regardless of whether Congress passes a law allowing the government to deal with it directly.  

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Crackdown on Climate Protests a Growing Trend

Crackdown on Climate Protests a Growing Trend

2019 is the year of the climate strike.

As more and more cities and federal governments crackdown on protests, we’re left grappling not just with free speech issues but about whether alarmed citizens should be prevented from pleading with the public to do something about the greatest threat facing humanity.

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Watch This: Indigenous Youth Drive Climate Movement

While the youth climate movement has gained a lot of attention from the media this year, the efforts of young indigenous activists in this youth movement haven’t been reported enough. One of those activists is 19-year-old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez of Colorado.

One of Xiuhtezcatl’s most powerful messages is that our inability to see our planet as a precious and finite resource enables greed, over-extraction of resources, and disregard for the needs of future generations:

We have to end this mindset that we can take whatever we want without ever giving back.

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Cheers to the Students!

Cheers to the Students!

Today is the last day of Climate Week as well as the last day of the Global Climate Strike and we hope that you found inspiration and a sense of hope from the millions of young people who have made their voices heard–we sure have! FYI: prepare for more strikes today, including more demonstrations in […]

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We Need a Leader to Fight For Our Future

We Need a Leader to Fight For Our Future

by, Natalia Uro-DeLeon, Wakefield High School, Arlington, VA Today, the conversations concerning the current state of the environment quickly become frustrating arguments that always seem to run me dry of hope. It seems so unfair that a generation ridiculed for being glued to their screens, often communicating in a language of slang yet to be […]

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Secretary John Kerry and Katie Eder on the Global Climate Strike: “This must be everyone’s fight”

Secretary John Kerry and Katie Eder on the Global Climate Strike: “This must be everyone’s fight”

By Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Katie Eder, Executive Director, Future Coalition.   On Friday, hundreds of thousands of people in over 1000 cities and towns across America will march and strike to shake leaders out of their collective slumber and press them to actually do something about the greatest threat facing […]

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Amazon Employees Join Global Climate Strike

You may have seen that young climate activists are planning a massive climate strike next week in the lead up to the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Action Summit on Monday, September 23rd. As The Daily Kos explained “[Greta] Thunberg and the movement she started organized a global climate strike March 15. Some 1.4 million people in 2,200 cities in 128 countries […]

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